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زبان اسوه علم
Learning Every Thing In The Domain Of Language 

این برنامه اندرویدی شامل بیش از 900 داستان انگلیسی است که به شما کمک میکند تا مهارت درک شنیداری و درک مطلب انگلیسی خود را بالا ببرید.

داستان ها در دو سطح مبتدی و متوسط ارائه شده اند و شما می توانید ابتدا با داستان های ساده در قسمت Simple Stories for Beginners یادگیری زبان رو شروع کنید.
یک قسمت دیگر نیز با نام Famous People وجود دارد که در آن با داستان زندگی افراد مشهور به زبان انگلیسی و همراه با فایل صوتی آشنا می شوید.

ویژگی های نرم افزار:
امکان گوش دادن آنلاین و آفلاین(دانلود فایل صوتی) به داستان ها
داستان ها با تلفظ آمریکایی خوانده شده
سرعت خواندن مناسب با سطح (مبتدی و متوسط) از آرام تا عادی تغییر می کند
امکان جستجو میان داستان ها
ستاره دار (علامت دار) کردن داستان های مورد علاقه
امکان اشتراک گذاری داستان ها از طریق برنامه های پیام رسانی

دانلود این نرم افزار را به همه دوستانی که هم میخواهند درک مطلب انگلیسی و هم مهارت های مکالمه انگلیسی خود را تقویت کنند توصیه می کنم...

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Hello dear friends,
This post is going to answer the above mentioned question briefly...

As you know, in communication (orally and written) every thing depends on the meaning of messages; so, what in here I'm going to say is that it's important to decide which words or phrases are needed to be chosen and used in order to reach the intended meaning.

Ok! Now let's get back to our question...

When are we supposed to use "purpose" , "goal" , "target"?

  1. Purpose:
* When you want to explain about why you do something or why something exists:
-Ex: The purpose of the research is to try and find out more about the causes of the disease.

       2.  Goal:

* in sports:
- Ex1:Black kicked the ball towards the goal.
-Ex2: Only one goal was scored in the entire match.

* an aim or purpose:
- Ex:Our goal is for the country to be fully independent within two years.

       3. Target:

* in sports:
-Ex: I had four shots but I didn't even hit the target.
* an aim: a level or situation which you intend to achieve:
- Ex:The government's target of 3.5% annual growth seems easily attainable.
* as a verb:to direct advertising, criticism or a product at someone:
- Ex:The paper is targeted specifically at young people.

The idea of this post belongs to my dear friend Mohammad...

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این دو مکالمه بصورت فایل فلش هستند و برای پخش نیاز به فلش پلیر دارین. در ادامه به دو صورت فایل ها رو قرار دادم هم برای پخش آنلاین و هم دانلود بر روی کامپیوتر...
برای مشاهده دیالوگ ها و پخش بصورت خودکار بعد از کلیک بر روی دکمه پخش،دکمه کناری را نیز فعال کنید.
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In God We Trust

If you want to become a fluent English speaker you should take some advice:
There are four skills in learning English which are reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
The most important thing you must bear in mind is that reading and listening are inputs whereas speaking and writing are outputs. In other words, if you want to improve your speaking and writing skills you should first master the skills of reading and listening. There are some ways that you can do so, which I will try to summarize.

1) Read as much as you can. But your reading must be active. It means that you must think about the structure, unfamiliar words etc as you read. There is no need that you stick to some complicated grammar structures or try to understand all the unfamiliar words you come across, but the fact that you see them for the first time and recognize them whenever you see them for example in other passages or books is enough. It would be better to prepare yourself a notebook so you can write down the important words or structures in it. To begin reading, I recommend the Penguin Readers books. They are classified by level of difficulty.

2) As for listening, there are two options:
2. A) Aside from reading, you can listen every day for about 30 minutes.
2. B) You can only concentrate on your reading and become skillful at your reading, then you can catch up on your listening.

I myself prefer the latter because when you are skillful and native-like at reading, your listening skill grows automatically. Since you have lots of inputs in your mind, you can easily guess what the speaker is going to say. This never means that you should not practice listening.

For listening I recommend cartoons or some movies that are specially made for children. Their languages are easy and do not contain complicated phrases or slang terms. Or if you are good at listening you can listen to VOA or BBC programs broadcasted every day. Again the thing to remember is being active in listening and preferably taking some notes.

If you follow these pieces of advice, your speaking and writing will improve automatically, and you can be sure that with a little effort they will become perfect.

Author:Alireza Zarea

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